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How to recharge Gotv, Dstv and Startimes with your mobile phone and make money with it

Thank you for your concern on how to recharge you Gotv with your mobile phone and also earn real cash from it. Just to let you know you are not only recharging your own you can also get paid for recharging other peoples own.

Is that not something?

You can use USSD code without data chargies bot you are not going to earn from it, so i dont think is necessary telling you about that one since its not reflecting the topic.

Click the image bellow to creat your account now

Free money

The first box there is the Referral Id box all you need to put there is iCONING1 without that Referral Id you cant proceed with the account creation. The email id means your email address ether gmail, yahoo or any other email.

If your account is successfull credited you will earn N1000 there to proceed with your transation, Take note your account must be created with N5000 upward for you to start using it


After loging into your dashboard you will see an option button at the left corner of the dashboard click on it
Click on Recharge
Click on Cable Tv Subscribtion
Click What do you want to do
Click pay tv subscribtion
Select the GOTV
Then put your Gotv Smartcard Number, the numbers on your Gotv card
Incart your phone number "Receivers Phone Number"
Select your price and click buy

You will be paid immediately you transaction take place

Step two applies to other tv networks

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Can we Know you?

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Digital Concept For Cash Overflows

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making money genuinely, join
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Nigeria Girls vibes

Some girls mentality is very low
just like low battery... You will
hear them saying "I don't want to
marry yet am still young"... "I
don't even want to hear anything about marriage now am still
enjoying my life"...
Girls at the age of 18-24 always
attracts serious men who is fully
ready to get married but at this
age most of our girls never wish to hear anything about
marriage... You will hear them
saying "who marriage eeep, who
care about marriage"..... But this
girls will be having serious sex
relationship with small boys of their age... I mean serious sex
relationship because at this age,
they always have high rate of
boys, guys and men coming for
them but they will prefer to chose
those boys rather than the men.. They are still young to marry but
they're not young to have sex
with boys... If u even ask them
why are you small girl having
sex relationship like this... You
will hear her asking you back "Who is small girl? Do u even
know what I know?
Are u
expecting me not to be having sex
at this my age? Do u want to kill
me? And beside, what is your
own problem with my own life? Abeg, pack well".
At the age of 25-27, parent will
start asking them how far? Don't
u have any one yet? Are u not
planning to get married? Your
mate are getting married? Or don't you know how old you
are?... But mind you, parent only
seems outside of their daughter
not knowing that inside is
finished.... With all this questions
by her own parent she will now be thinking and asking her self
some questions like... "My mate
are getting married? Does it mean
am old enough to marry? Hmmm
but how should I go about it those
my boyfriends are not a serious type... They're not even ready to
marry yet.. Well, God knows the
best I believe in God"... My sister,
Did u just mention God?... Hmm!!!
At the age of 27-30... They will
now start looking for men to marry not boys to have sex
again... They will start looking for
serious relationship that will lead
to marriage... But the funniest this
is that, at this age of 30 no men
will be asking their hand in marriage... Though they will see
men but those men will only want
date from them not marriage.
Then u will see them forcing their
self to marry a man who didn't
like to marry them... No single man at the age of 30-35 will like
to marry a lady of 30-35 too
instead they will be looking for
girls of 20-25 to marry and that is
why you will see some men going
back to their village to find young girl to marry when they seems
that those young girls in the city
are not serious about marriage
and those that serious too old for
At the age of 30-35, if you ask her why are u not marry yet by this
your age it getting too late... You
will hear her asking you some
silly questions like... "Are you
God? Or do you want to marry
me? Single at 30 or 35 it's a crime? Did I see who will marry
me I didn't marry him? God
knows the best pls".
At this age of 30-35 they will start
going to Church like never
before... They will now be a fake serious type.. Her name will now
change from Lizy for sure to Sis in
Christ... At this age if u ask her
for dating you will hear her
saying "My brother, am not like
them... Am looking for husband not dating if truly u love me go
and see my parent for marriage I
can't do anything without asking
for my parent hands... But when
she was 18-24 yrs she was doing
everything without her parent hands.
But ladies, do you even know that
no man want old version again?
Everybody is looking for latest
version. U don't expect a young
man of 30yrs to marry you of 30yrs as his house wife... Men
that will be interested to marry
you will be men of 40 plus and
mind you, those men have
married with kids except you
wanna be second or third wife and I know that naija lady will not
want to be second or third wife.
Everything in life has it own
season and time... No lady that is
looking for husband now that
didn't see who want to marry her when she was 18-24 yrs but by
then, they're not serious because
they're not looking for husband
but they're looking for sex. Let's
assuming u started having sex at
the age of 16-20... Now you're 30yrs old... My sister can you
count how many time u had sex?
Well, let's 4get about that because
I know u won't like that part at
But let me tell you, everything is not about prayer. God who
created you has made a plan for
you but when you by yourself
changed the plan or miss the road
you will now be shouting God
where are you... When God is shouting my daughter where are
u.. You're there doing Shakara,
enjoying your life and talking
men for granted.
Why do we have high rate of
single mothers and single ladies nowadays? Does it mean no men
again? You will see that the old
are there not getting married
why the young ones are getting
married. You as a orderly or
senior sister never marry your younger or junior sisters are
getting married.... You will now
be asking God some stupid
questions like "God why me? I
mine not your daughter again? Do
you want me to kill myself before u know what to do?"... After
asking God those questions you
will not go to your parent and be
asking them some nonsense
questions like "Mum what are u
doing with my situation? Don't u want me to get married? Mum
you need to do something ooh
because I will commit suicide
ooh."..... But why are u telling
your mum before u commit the
suicide? When you're committing sex and rejecting men did u tell
your mum then? My sister, there
is a time for everything... Don't
let your time pass over you
before you will start running
after it.
They says grap your copy before
it too late... Don't be too
selective... Do not follow
handsome... Nobody knows
tomorrow,,, poor man today may
be rich man tomorrow... I pray that God will by his mercy
provide a better man (husband)
for you

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CAST9JA: What is this Country turning into..can't believe this is happening............


They are now in Abuja oooo! This
happened in Ile Ife this evening. A lady called a shoe maker to help
fix her slippers.
She allowed him stay in their
compound, while she went back
inside to continue with what she
was doing. When he was fixing her slippers,
he added
something under before stitching
it back. Luckily for the Lady, her
landlord was at the balcony
watching the Shoemaker without his knowledge. When he was
through, he called her to tell her
that he has finished. She came out,
he told her to try it on her leg to
make sure it was OK.

Her landlord shouted from upstairs 'no oh,
don't put your leg in that slippers
I'm coming.
He came downstairs;
forced the shoemaker to put his
leg in the slippers, the shoemaker
refused. Then he alerted neighbours. So, they all gathered,
forced him to wear the slippers.
Immediately he put his leg in the
slippers, Guess what happened??

Hmmmmmmmm !!!!!.
My God!!!

The slippers cut... He did not sew it well... Thank you for your time

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CAST9JA: Terrorists have taken over Nigeria. God forbid!

Igbo apex socio-cultural and
political organization, Ohanaeze,
has backed Pastor Tunde Bakare
of the Latter Rain Assembly on his
claim that Nigeria was under

Bakare, while addressing his
congregants during church service
on Sunday, noted that terrorists,
kidnappers and killer herdsmen
were now in charge of Nigeria.

Media and Information Adviser to
the President General of
Ohanaeze, Emeka Attamah, told
Vanguard that Bakare was

“right because terrorists are
really in charge of whatever is happening now in Nigeria.

“If terrorists are not in charge,
why should officials of this
government negotiate with
leaders of Miyetti Allah who are
demanding N100 billion to enable
its members stop killing Nigerians?”

“I am not even sure that they
have not paid the money. I would
not like to be quoted as saying
that all the officials of this
government are terrorists but I
never knew that Nigeria would descend to this level of open
brigandage. It has never
happened before”

“There is nowhere in the world
where the government is in tacit
understanding with terrorist

“Governments usually fight to
eliminate terrorists and not to
encourage them.

“The Nigerian government
should face terrorists and treat
them as such and not to eat or
dine with them,” he said.