Friday, 26 April 2019

Live Scorpion: It stink me some time ago

Live Scorpion

Live Scorpions
The day scorpion stinked me it was as if my village people has come.
Scorpions do produce venom. The scary-looking tail is actually 5 segments of the abdomen, curved upward, with a final segment called a telson at the end. The telson is where the venom is produced. At the tip of the telson is a sharp needle-like structure called the aculeus. That's the venom delivery apparatus. A scorpion can control when it produces venom and how potent the venom is, depending on whether it needs to kill prey or defend itself from predators.

Watch the live video bellow if you have data.

The Best Camera in 2019

It's true that traditional point-and-shoot cameras are in
decline, but they're still really
popular for casual vacation
photography and family use,
combining great value for money
with easy to use controls. There's also a lot of debate about DSLR vs mirrorless cameras right now, but the fact is that there are pros
and cons to both, and that DSLRs
are still very much alive and
kicking – and definitely in our list
of the best cameras you can buy
right now.

And the best bit? There are lots of
cheap camera deals right now – you'll see today's best prices
below (and we've got a separate
guide if you're looking for the best dash cam to use in your car). If you’re a pro or an expert
you’ll probably be looking at a full-frame mirrorless or full- frame DSLR camera, while enthusiasts and beginners looking
for an interchangeable lens
camera but something cheaper
and lighter will be better off with
a smaller-format APS-C or Micro Four Thirds model.

We start off with our top
recommendations for all-round
cameras for all kinds of
photography, picking cameras to
suit every price level. Maybe you
don't need a mirrorless camera or a DSLR and you're looking for
something simpler? We list our
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travel, adventure or even simple
family use. If you want to record
your life in video, why not check out the best action camera? Or maybe you've got your sights set
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keep reading to find the best
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My number 1 is

Fujifilm X-T3

A professional quality camera but
without the weight and cost




APS-C | Megapixels: 26.1MP | Lens mount: Fujifilm X mount | Monitor: EVF, 3,690k dots, 100% coverage | Continuous shooting speed: 11fps | Viewfinder: EVF | Max video resolution: 4K | User level: Enthusiast/ Professional

Low Stock

2. Olympus OM-D E-M10 III
A cheaper but brilliant mirrorless
camera you can fit in a coat
Type: Mirrorless | Sensor: Micro Four Thirds | Megapixels: 16.1MP | Lens mount: Micro Four Thirds | Screen: 3-inch tilting touchscreen, 1,037,000 dots | Viewfinder: Electronic | Max burst speed: 8.6fps | Max video resolution: 4K | User level: Beginner/enthusiast
Cost £499

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

She died after delivering twins last week is dead

The inmate of the Calabar Prison
that delivered twins at the
General Hospital Calabar on April
17 has died at the University of
Calabar Teaching Hospital due to
postnatal complications.

The Prison authority disclosed this
in a statement by ASP Effanga
Etim, Public Relations Officer of
the State Prison Command on
Wednesday in Calabar.

He said that the mother of the
twins died two days after
The Command, however,
debunked media reports that the
twins were delivered in the
prison command in Calabar.

He explained that the deceased
was remanded by a High Court in
Calabar on Nov. 5, 2018 with six
month-old pregnancy for the
offence of child stealing.
“While in prison, she had been
under regular ante-natal care at
the General Hospital, Calabar. On
17th of April, 2019 by 1:30pm
when her labour began, she was
admitted in the same hospital and a Caesarean Section was carried
out on her.’’

Speaking to NAN on behalf of the
state government, the
Commissioner for Health, Dr
Inyang Asibong, expressed shock
over the inmate’s death, saying
that the state government had already taken up the care of the

“Following the release from the
prison authorities about her
death, I wish to state that we will
continue to do our best for the
care of the children,’’ she said.

Source: Dailypost



When you serve the
Master, you draw from
the benefits that flow from
the Master naturally.

SCRIPTURE: Whoso keepeth
the fig tree shall eat the
fruit thereof: so he that
waiteth on his master
shall be honoured.
Proverbs 27:18

When you serve the
Master, you draw from
the benefits that flow from
the Master naturally.

Previously, we saw that it
is God’s desire for His
people to live in honour
and glory. We saw that
there are secrets that a
child of God has to know and practice in order to
live this honourable life.

Today we shall be looking
at yet another secret to
living an honourable life,
and that is kingdom

Our anchor scripture tells
us that, ‘…he who waits
on his master shall be
honoured, and (this
includes God, the Master of
the universe).

Kingdom service is a
secret to a life of honour.
In the Book of First Samuel
Chapter 9, and in Verse 6,
Samuel was referred to as
an honourable man.

Beloved, you cannot
genuinely serve God and
die in mockery and
reproach. Whenever you
carry the mantle of
service, you are carrying a crown of honour. When
you serve the Master, you
draw from the benefits
that flow from the Master
naturally. The things that
belong to the Master overflow to you by virtue
of your service to Him.

My counsel is, give
yourself to God in service.
Do not waste your time
going to Church and doing
nothing for God. Do not just
be a bench warmer, an ordinary hand-clapper, or
an amen-shouter that is
absolutely uninvolved in
the affairs of God’s
house; it is a waste of time
and life. There are many things God cannot do with
a man whom He has not
found useful. Serve God

serve the Master, you
draw from the benefits
that flow from the Master

1. Endeavour to involve
yourself in a department
in Church if you have not
done so.

2. Serve God faithfully in
the assignment of soul-
winning (John 15:16).

PRAYER: O Lord, I ask for
the grace to serve You
continually. Help me Know
You and serve You
faithfully, Lord in Jesus’


QUOTE: Diligent service is a
guarantee for rewards.
Culled from SERVICE –
HIGHEST by Dr Becky Paul-

to 5:31, Luke 22:35 to 53,
Psalm 94:1 to 23, Proverbs
14:3 to 4

25/04/1901 – New York
became the first U.S. state
to require automobile
license plates.

Sheare it

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Monday, 22 April 2019

What comes to boys mind wen she comes for visits

Some guys do think that any girl
that visited him, came for sex.
No bro!
Any true and genuine girl might
not come for sex.

She visits you, all you think of is
My bro, visiting you was an
opportunity for you to make her
trust you.
Visiting you was an opportunity for her to gain your emotional

Visiting you was an opportunity
for you to see if you can work

But all you could see in her, is to
imagine how sweet she will be on
Boom, you carried her to your
small mattress, she said, "no" lets
not rush into this. You paid deaf ear and either
raped her or pressurized her into
having sex with you.
After that, you tell her, "baby am
sorry, it was the devils

Why not seat and have a heart to
heart talk with, look straight into
her eyes and let her see how
sincere you are.

Why not hold her hands and let
her feel the strength of you ready
to support her hand.

Why not try a cooking together in
the kitchen to make her believe
your supportive abilities?

Why not play some games with
her, joke, laugh and make her
trust your jovial and social

Why not read your bible with her
to let her see your spiritual
leadership qualities?

Why not read novels, books etc
with her to make her believe
your intellectual and brilliance

That's why I do tell some guys,
buy ludo, whot, bible, novels etc
and not condom.

When you know you have bible,
novels, ludo or whot at home, you
will surely want to play with her.
But when you know you have
condom at home, you will surely
think of using it.

Thinking or imagining sex will
never allow you see her worth.

Be a good boy I Love you

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Chibok girls: CACOL reiterates calls for their release, tasks Buhari

The Centre for Anti-Corruption
and Open Leadership, CACOL, has
called on the President
Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal
Government to leave no stone
unturned in securing the release of the Chibok girls who were
kidnapped on the night of 15th of
April, 2014, including the
kidnapped Leah Sharibu and
others still in the captivity of Boko
Haram insurgents.

This demand was contained in a
release issued to DAILY POST on
Saturday by the Centre’s
executive chairman, Mr. Debo

He said: “Those girls have not
been secured completely because
of the lack of adequate will to
explore all necessary processes
required to bring back the girls.
There is inadequate intelligence, commitment and funding of those
cognate forces required to
achieve the feat.

“All of these observed
inadequacies combine to elongate
the confinement of these hapless
ladies (since they could no longer
be referenced as girls, no more,
because if they had been allowed fertile access to their education,
many of them would have
completed their service year
now, as they were preparing for
their final West African Senior
School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) during their abduction
some five years ago). It is
therefore appropriate to imply
that some of them would have
finished their University
education and 1 year compulsory service to their nation, had the
situation been different.”

CACOL said that though, successive
governments have been paying
lip service regarding efforts to
bring the girls back, their parents
and the generality of Nigerians
need to be constantly kept abreast of proof of life for as
many as still possible amongst
them, their location, and
whatever fate has befallen them,
from time to time.

According to the group, this was
the only acceptable response of a
deserving government. It added that “This much would
not have been difficult, if there
had been an effective intelligence
and cooperative endeavor with
neighboring countries, like Chad,
Cameroon, Niger and any other places, where these insurgents
have made their focus of

It maintained that the Federal
Government has to demonstrate
greater political will and put in
more workable strategies and
effective cooperative endeavours,
with neighboring countries to achieve tangible outcomes that
should be patently evident.

On Leah Sharibu, the abducted
Dapchi schoolgirl, CACOL said, “It
is just not enough for the
government to keep on
reassuring Nigerians that Leah is
alive and well, but that extra efforts must be made to secure
her release, in view of the fact
that those abducted
simultaneously with her had since
regained their freedom on the
intervention of the state while she is still in captivity due to her
conscientious objection as an
avowed adherent of her religious

“We therefore, advise that, the
Buhari-led administration should
take a step further, by stamping
its foot in the sands of time
through a complete overhaul of
the security architecture of Nigeria in a way that reinforces
the sacredness of lives and
properties of all Nigerians and
make provisions of their social
welfare a thing of primary
concern to the government rather than illicit accumulation of
commonwealth by those
entrusted with power.”


Friday, 19 April 2019

Nigerian singer, Morachi goes completely naked on Instagram, declares himself the 'sexiest man alive' (Photo)

Wonders shall never end
Nigerian musician, Morachi took to his Instagram page to share
this completely naked photo of
himself with just sticker covering
his modesty and wrote: 'Sexiest
man alive | No face No case.'

See full photo below.


Monday, 15 April 2019

Woman allegedly attacks her husband because he did not tell her she looked pretty

A woman is Texas allegedly
assauted her husband because he
did not respond when she asked if
she was pretty.

Lizeth Guadalupe Ramirez, 20,
was arrested late Tuesday after
the alleged incident, the Laredo
Morning Times reported, citing

When Lizeth was questioned, she
allegedly told investigators her
husband assaulted her and tried
to strangle her so she defended
herself. But the man told police
that he and his wife were at a movie theater when she asked
him if she looked pretty. He said
he didn't respond as he didn't hear
her. This upset Lizeth and
prompted them to leave the

During their ride home,the
husband claimed she allegedly hit
him repeatedly. At their home,
she allegedly continued to hit him
and even assaulted a family
member who tried to intervene, according to the news outlet.

Ramirez was charged with two
counts of assault and family
violence, online Webb County jail
records indicated.